In This Living

What’s in this living? Much of our time in reflecting on this statement over the last year has been tied with Brooklyn and New York City. A year later, we are more clearly seeing that this place is both one of the most fitting places for us, while also being one of the most challenging. … Continue reading

Moving: The Short Novel

Since we last wrote: we moved. Which is the bulk of this post. But, we also went to Colorado for a week and a half at the end of December, spending time with both families.  It was great and refreshing to be back, yet a little hard at the same time. It was good to … Continue reading

Four months of Changes, and more to come!

November 12th, 2011, finds John and I sitting in our apartment living room, enjoying the sunshine that pours through our windows in the morning hours. I am learning how to take Sabbaths again–that is, a whole day of resting without doing things that are not life-giving, refreshing or relaxing. John is sitting at the desk, … Continue reading

We have a Living Room and a Bedroom!

Fall has finally arrived and with it has come cooler weather which means an end to our 2.5 month time of sleeping out in the living room by the AC unit. While Elise was at work today I rearranged every bit of furniture in the apartment moving the bed into the bedroom(a novel concept) and … Continue reading


Yesterday Elise and I celebrated our two month NYC-versary. It’s hard to believe we have only been here two months. So much has happened in that time…its crazy really! It’s good to be reminded of how short our stay so far really has been…it makes me not feel as bad about not blogging frequently on … Continue reading

Whoops…It’s almost September!

Picture: Middle-aged business men really can carry ANYTHING around here… So, obviously John and I aren’t doing as well at posting as we did in July. Oops. Part of that has been John and I both working. I’ve been at work for two weeks now and am really enjoying it. I am designing a lot … Continue reading

It’s August!

Hard to believe August is here. In this last year, July was always “the end of the road,” at least in our sights. We knew we were planning to move out here, and the preparation and events before/leading up to this move kind of reigned supreme. So, when August arrived last week, it seemed to … Continue reading

J/K and other possibilities

For those of you who follow my other blog or are close family you will probably have read or been informed that the job I was supposed to start last monday got cancelled last minute. You can read about the details on the other blog.Needless to say it freed up the week to do … Continue reading

Learning how to buy groceries all over again

So, we don’t have a car. That may or may not come as a surprise to some of you. The reality is we didn’t want to pay for the expenses of a car when we simply wouldn’t use it very much. Therefore, we rely completely on the subway and our trusty legs that currently easily … Continue reading

So Far, on the Subway…

…I have seen: -a mom biting her newborn’s fingernails for 20 minutes (gross!) -the only other white kid at our stop with his iPod in and practicing some kind of dance routine while sitting down -a guy sitting down, reading the first page of the newspaper, and exclaiming aloud for all to hear “THAT’S DISGUSTING!” … Continue reading